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On the Road...Again?

I have a confession to make.  I really, really don't like to travel. 

There.  I said it.

I consider traveling to be a gigantic hassle.

Our sweet little house has a comfortable bed, good things stored on the DVR, and a hot water heater the size of a linebacker, so it never runs cold.

I use a CPAP machine, so if we travel, I have to carefully tote it with me to my temporary home.  Afterwards, the remnants of the cloying hotel air freshener remain in the hosing for days.

Like many food-allergic people, I choose not to eat in restaurants.  The risk of cross-contamination is real and serious.  There's no point in being excited about Chicago deep-dish pizza or authentic N'awlins gumbo.  I ain't gonna get to eat it.  So, if Ben and I travel, we find a Kroger as soon as we get to town, I buy what I need, and I lug around my food each day.  (In France, just so you know, it's called "Le Kroger.")

Shopping can be fun, although my budget leans more towards Belk than …
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Smile on Your Brother

Hi friend! How are things?  Good, good.  Hey, have you seen Respect, Kindness, and Meekness today?  I could really use their help.  I was on Facebook, and a friend of mine called another friend of mine an ugly name because my first friend insulted a politician.  Respect, had he been around, could have stopped that from happening.
I tried to find Kindness earlier when I dropped an armful of groceries. I thought I didn't need a buggy, but it turns out I did. Miss Thing must have sailed right past me, along with the other people who didn't stop to help.

I just missed Meekness - I was too busy not following the instructions you gave me.  My way is faster, trust me.
Are they on vacation or something?
Dears, I'll bet you're nodding your heads in agreement right now, aren't you?  Collective humanity seems to have lost our dang minds lately.  I won't bore you with my detailed opinion of why we've gotten ruder, dumber, and meaner.  Let's just say, the Enemy love…

Rest, Relax, Repeat

*Lazily drifts past on a pool float*

Hey.  Would you hand me my drink?

*finishes store-brand sparkling water, makes that annoying empty cup sound with my straw while you wait for me to say something*


What's been going on with you since the last time we hung out?  Hope things are well.  They are with me.  Lots of good things happening, and lots of time to enjoy them.

I've shared with you our physical, emotional, and spiritual stressors over the last year or so.  You know about the amazing double-whammy blessing of Ben's new job and continued good health.  Simultaneously, I applied for a new part-time job I thought would be perfect.  We assumed it was time to jump into the deep end of the pool again.

Not so fast. 

Many, many mornings during the last year and a half, I would cry from stress.  Ben drove me to work most days, sometimes because he needed the car, but often because driving would cause me to have panic attacks.  (I can't tell you how many times I'v…

Spring Forward

Today is the first day of spring.  The start of a new season - one of renewal and rebirth.  In East Tennessee, tender buds and smatterings of bright color pop up on every available grassy surface, a reminder of God's bountiful, beautiful creation. 

Spring makes my heart sing.
On Island Home, looking toward downtown Knoxville
The last time you and I met, it seemed that this past season of our lives - the non-stop stress, caregiving, health scares, unemployment, and the like, was winding down and that something new was winding up.  Ben and I wondered exactly what the Lord had in store this spring.
Have you ever stood on a flexible diving board, preparing to jump into the water?  When you're ready to jump, you have to fully commit to that decision.  If you hesitate or overthink, that extra second of your weight on the board won't propel you as far into the water, and you'll miss your mark.  
The Lord has propelled us into our new season.
Recently, Mom has had more bad days…

I'm Smangry! Guest Post at Highly Sensitive Refuge

Hey friends, my piece about sensitive noses and the stinkiness that abounds was published today at Highly Sensitive Refuge.

I am a highly sensitive person, which is a scientific, not esoteric, term for the 15% of the population whose senses and systems are more sensitive to stimuli. I kind of think of us as the canaries in the mine.

Are you an HSP, as well? Hope you enjoy!

Click here to read.

Don't Dread the Tread

It's been a tedious month.

A few things have gotten better.  Most things stayed the same.  Have you ever had a season of treading water?

Ben has maintained his weight, but hasn't gained anything yet.  This has been tremendously frustrating, as we are literally spending $15 a day on Subway sandwiches that seem to have the perfect ratio of carbs to protein for his particular gut anatomy.  Dude, that's over a hundred bucks a week.  Not even Happy Gilmore was into Cold Cut Combos that much.

We're trying to duplicate these sandwiches at the house, but so far, Subway's still the best for digestion.  It's like Ben's guts are ravenous '90s teens on their way home from a school basketball game.

"Turn down that Soundgarden CD and hand me my flannel," I think I hear. "We're stopping at Subway!"

The great news is that we have found an oral rehydration solution recipe that is working well.  Ben's liver numbers actually returned to normal …